Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Who's Up For A Treasure Hunt.....

April 2015 finds an awesome event in the Village of New Richmond on the Ohio. The event is the AFK Geocache "Freedom Trail."

The first question of many is "What is geocaching?" For more information on this fun event (good for groups of friends/families), check out the following link:  In short, geocaching is nothing more than a modern day treasure hunt whereby participants utilize gps coordinates to locate "caches" or small treasures. Our suggestion is that you visit New Richmond on the Ohio April 24-26, 2015 to learn and play

The second question of others is, "How can I play?" Here is a link to the Geocache "Freedom Trail" event:    We encourage everyone, as usual, to "Get Outside & Play." Rumor has it that the folks at the Green Kayak are involved with the event organizers to help make the fun happen....Gotta love the Kayak!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Up...Down...Up...Down.......The Living River

Here we are amidst the pending Spring and the inevitable winter thaw.  The Ohio River continues its current quest to recover its banks. The last week has seen the river rise above the 52' flood stage in Cincinnati and dip back below. However, what goes down must again go up! Here we go again....

Monday, January 5, 2015

River Is Rising....

As the weather begins to turn, the Ohio River continues its evolution of movement. The river never sleeps. The last few days have seen a rise in the water level.
Despite the change, the river barges continue to slowly crawl along the channel with lights cutting through the fog and snow. There is a sense of peace and awe as the frigid waters lap against the river beach as these monsters move up and down river day and night. We encourage you to find a spot to watch the river, listen to the lonely rumble of the tug motors and enjoy the beauty of the river in the winter......

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Day in the Village of New Richmond

With the passing of 2014, we enter 2015 with a zest for more adventure. Already we spoke to the folks at the Green Kayak Market ( about the Sand Volleyball Courts. Construction is moving along smartly. We stopped by and checked out the excavation and even saw some of the treasures unearthed (old horseshoes, bottles, etc)....We can't wait for the courts to open

We also stopped a few weeks ago at the Laurel Barn Quilt Store. They have moved down the street and to our surprise share space with the Green Kayak. What a great idea!! The two businesses so compliment each other and we project growth for each from this marriage of success..

Rock on!!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas To All....

We are back and making a commitment to blog weekly. It's Christmas on the Ohio River and we wish a great day to all. This is the time of year to think about the past year and begin to prepare for the next. Lots going on along the river......

We hear the Green Kayak restaurant in New Richmond is gearing up kayak rentals on the Ohio River and installing two sand volleyball courts. The Village may be installing 9 hole disc golf course throughout the Historic Waterfront District. And, most importantly the music will continue to roll on in what is fast becoming the new "hot summer place" to hang out in the region....

Monday, October 20, 2014

RiverArts Festival SUCCESS

From Front Street Cafe Facebook

The Village of New Richmond on the Ohio has a new "can't miss" event with the inaugral RiverArts Festival. Two days of art, music, food and more was featured along the river this past weekend and it certainly exceeded expectations.
From Green Kayak Market Facebook

Despite the gloomy Saturday weather, Front Street was filled with artisans and Festival reverlers, as well as the sounds of awesome music from the Park across from the Green Kayak. The musicians in the Park somehow held-off the rain to allow for a great day. We particularly liked the "Generations" band on Saturday, the native-american sounds of Steve Free on Sunday and the awesome sounds of a band called "Eden Park" (also on Sunday).....This town is becoming known for hosting excellent music, funky events and supporting outdoor fun

From Green Kayak Market Facebook
We encourage the Village and the business folks to keep up the great work. What's next????
From Front St Cafe Facebook

Friday, October 17, 2014

Jacob the Peacock (on the Ohio)

So where did Jacob, the local Village of New Richmond on the Ohio peacock, come from.?This majestic creature struts around town visiting businesses and homes. He poses for pictures and clearly looks as if he owns the town. Here's a few pics.......

Does anyone have answers?