Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Worst Flood Of Ohio River January 26, 1937..

Think about 80 ft--- over 50 ft ABOVE pool stage, with the second and third floors of buildings being covered in water.  On January 26, 1937, the Ohio River near New Richmond and Cincinnati,  Ohio rose to just such unprecedented levels. The river wiped out entire buildings and ravaged the lives of so many. This was the worst flood in the city's history and hopefully will never be repeated.

Ironically, just a few month prior to the 1937 flood, President FDR had signed legislation mandating the that the US Corp of Army Engineers create a flood control system on the Ohio River and others. The '37 flood resulted in that project being placed on the fast burner. The plan was that the construction and proper operation of the flood control system would make an event like the 1937 flood highly unlikely in the future.....Let's all hope so......

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