Tuesday, October 23, 2012


JUST IN: The Green Kayak Market & Eatery, nestled on the shores of the Ohio River, is hosting live "open mic" style acoustic music on Thursday evenings until further notice. Come try out an original or play/sing an old favorite. Life can be tough at times and the escape of music at the Green Kayak at New Richmond on the Ohio is a great place to unwind. Participants play on what the Green Kayak calls its "Peacock Stage" which is in the front window. The backdrop looks across Front Street through a park and onto the Ohio River....What a great setting.....Come visit to hear some of the really great GK favorite players such as Nancy, Terry, "Bub", Brooks, Vince, Roy, Shay, Pat, Tammy, Jim and so many more....As originals are played don't be surprised to see such on our Blog or the Ohio Kayak Youtube page.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Evaluate Your Life Day: Find Your Place of Peace...

As we celebrated National Cookie month, we celebrated the chocolate chip, coconut macroon, fig newton and the classic sugar cookie. However, within National Cookie Month is a celebration of each day. October 19 is "National Evaluate Your Life" day. As we evaluate life on the river all looks good. The Ohio River has receovered nicely from the difficult days of the 1960's and 70's. The Ohio River provides us with pleasure, commerce and solace as it effortlessly flows  towards the Mississippi. When we evaluate the soaring hawks, bald eagles and the great blue herrons, we find that the river is alive with the sounds, shapes and vibrancy of life. Welcome to the play-yard.....As part of your evaluation, where is your place for peace?

Another Peaceful Sunset....

Thursday, October 18, 2012


It's that time of the year where campfires send of wafts of smoke into the damp, cool sky and the river kicks up whitecaps as the wind rustles the leaves. The leaves have been incredibly beautiful this year and are worth a ride along the river to check it out. This week we saw deer drinking of the river amidst the morning fog. What a beautiful sight. It's also that time where the number of boats on the river drops in number, but those who push summer to the end still brave the waters. The New Richmond Marina still has a number of boats in the water and you bet they'll be out this weekend if the weather cooperates.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Is Humor Important...Or Are We Crazy???

It seems that humor has lost its way. As we approach the upcoming election, the humor exhibited by people seems to decline and anger, judgment and general meanness reign supreme. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, the bottom-line is that one should refrain from taunting others and lashing out in a judgmental matter. Clearly our citizens care--and that's good. However, let's not forget about respect for others, understanding and "good judgment." Recently, we witnessed a mean-spirited attack based on assumptions, intolerance and otherwise judgmental behavior. Even when one reaches out, some folks simply won't listen.  Perhaps we need to be to take a step back and stop the rhetoric and in-fighting. We are one Country, under one government, with hopefully one goal of seeing our citizens excel........Let's tap into the humor of life to help us find the common ground and grow our great Country. We're in it together, so let's act like it!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Leaf Me paddle the river!!

The leaves are already beginning to turn and the whitecaps on the water remind us of the cold to come. Fall is a beautiful season on the water and there's just so much to do. Don't let a little brisk wind or choppy water keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. Just remember to cover up a little better with waterproof clothes and even a good pair of paddling gloves. There are so many accessories out in the marketplace that allow for year round paddling, even in the cooler climates

 In addition to the wildlife that frequent the shoreline, the leaves are beautiful this time of year. If you get out early enough you can enjoy paddling through the fog that hangs on the water. Paddling through a thick morning fog is an amazing feeling and a great way to start the day......Just get out and play!!!!