Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another Shipwreck But A Paddle Away....

The Kentucky River generally flows northwest and serves as a major tributary of the Ohio River. As with our prior post about the Lost Ghost Ship, the Kentucky River also has it's lost, abandoned historical ships worth a paddle trip to visit and photograph/video.

The BROOKLYN was built, in 1930, by Howard Shipyard, in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The ship was originally named the HELEN H.  The ship burned in 1942 and was rebuilt in 1943, and re-named COURTNEY H. The ship was later sold to the Cumberland River Sand & Gravel Company.

In 1956 Captain Charles Jones bought the ship and renamed it  EMMA No. 3. A few years later,
Point Towing Company, of Point Pleasant, West Virginia bought the ship and sold it to Captain John L. Donaldson. Captain Donaldson used the ship to move sand down the Kentucky River. He renamed the ship BROOKLYN
Unfortunately, the BROOKLYN was not successful in its efforts to haul sand on the Kentucky River leading Capt Donaldson to sell it in the early 1970's. Thereafter, the vessel was used as a floating restaurant, convenience store and other uses before it met an untimely demise in the late 1980's when it was lodged against the rocks during a flood.  Now the the once great 100+ft ship is nothing more than another shipwreck that can be visited as part of a short kayak cruise. Paddles up and enjoy.......Also, if anyone has any great photos or videos of the ship, we would love if you would share such here......

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