Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Will The Ohio River Completely Freeze At New Richmond or Cincinnati, Ohio?

NO. While the temperatures outside have fallen again to subzero level, the chances of the Ohio River completely freezing at Cincinnati, as it last did in 1978, simply is not likely. There are many factors cutting against the River freezing, including the depth and flow of the Ohio River. It's common knowledge that the greater the flow and deeper the river, the less likelihood of the river freezing. Although the river level has dropped a bit lately, the average depth is still in the 20ft range. So when you wake tomorrow and face the chill along the water, the river will be flowing on its way to the Mississippi (and later on down to the Gulf of Mexico).  Think sun and warmth!! And let's "Get Outside and Play......"


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Singer/Songwriter Steve Free Hits #1 in Europe, But Clings To His Ohio River Roots.....

Steve Free recently played at the Green Kayak Market and Eatery in New Richmond on the Ohio. The 1997 ASCAP Songwriter of the year, Steve, from the Ohio River city Portsmouth area, has travelled the world sharing his stories and songs. Here's a short list of just a bit of Steve's musical success:

"A Child of These Hills"  #1 on God's Country Music Chart, January 2014
"Do You Wanna Dance" #1 on International Country Music Chart, January 2014
"Down By The River" #1 GTE Music Magazine, Oct 2013
"Appalachian Moon" #1 in Europe

This list could go on for pages, with Steve having many other successful songs ("Party on the River"/ "Fried Green Tomatos") and moments in a long and illustrious career.  Steve has played for children, the Governor and was even nominated for a Grammy.

Having seen Steve play, a common theme to his songs is the inspiration of the Ohio River and the surrounding environment.  Something about the river and the people living near the river provide an inspiration that has led to his musical success. We understand that Steve will be back at the Green Kayak Market ( ) on March 22, 2014. Well worth a visit out to this cool little river store.....Remember--"Get Outside and Play."
From GreenKayak Market facebook site

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 26....The Day The Ohio River Flooded To Its Record Peak.....

On January 26, 1937, the Ohio River at New Richmond/Cincinnati crested at 80 feet;  over 50 feet above pool stage. The River rose into the homes and businesses of so many, leaving behind a thick blanket of "river mud." To this day, this still looms as the most significant natural disaster to hit the New Richmond/Cincinnati region.  Many a home and business were left devastated; never to be reopened again. It was, at least in part, as a result of the scope of the flooding that the Federal Government fast-tracked Ohio River flood control program, which involved the development of a comprehensive plan (including holding pools/dams/etc) to decrease the chances of such a monumental flood from occurring again.

Friday, January 24, 2014

77 Years Ago Today The Water Began To Rise....

Pictures from Historic New Richmond website
Seventy-Seven years ago today, the Ohio River began to rise. The backwaters of the Ohio began a surge upward during the same time period, and the ultimate result, a few short days later, was the great flood of 1937.

With a recorded Ohio River level of near 80 feet, the devastation of the rising waters left thousands homeless and property damage at record levels. Local Cincinnati mega-radio station, WLW, reportedly switched to 24 hour news to cover the developing story and to assist with the recovery effort. Buildings in and around the Ohio River were inundated with water well into the second floor. And the reaction of the government was significant.

In large part due to the 1937 Ohio River flood, the Federal Government fast-tracked the commission of plan to develop a comprehensive flood-control plan along the Ohio. Part of such plan was to create off-river holding areas for rising waters, such as the Eastfork Park, Harsha Lake. These holding pools, in conjunction with the dams and other resources, were built to, hopefully, avoid future catastrophic flooding. However, while well-conceived and good intentioned, one cannot every truly tame "mother nature."

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tracking Barge Traffic on the Ohio River....

The sheer size of the vessels that make up the Ohio River barge traffic can be intimidating and awe-inspiring at the same time. These ships are critical to so many aspects of the economy, not the least of which is to haul raw materials used to generate electricity. We are often asked about details of the barges and never really had a good answer; that is now changed. We recently learned of a website where one can track the progress of some of the Ohio River barge traffic. For more information about the specific vessel, check out this link to Ingram Marine Group vessels on the Ohio and other rivers. This link provides location tracking information and other details of these cool vessels (i.e. date built, height, etc)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ohio Chautauqua Festival at New Richmond on the Ohio This Year

Great news for the folks along the Ohio River in southern Ohio as the Ohio Chautauqua festival arrives in New Richmond over the 4th of July weekend. ( ) This is a cool event, sponsored by the Ohio Humanities Council, where actors portray historical figures and bring history to life. This year the event focuses on "Journey Stories."

You can miss the big red and white tent that will house the event. These events also generally include lots of music and other activities. Well worth a day to "Get Out and Play" along the Ohio River......

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Cold, Cold Week....

Sometimes life throws you that curve ball. It seems unhittable, but in reality any pitch can be hit. You simply have to believe in you and not listen to the "group think" driving decisions. While it's so cold out, it's still not time to venture out onto the ice. We will find the warmth....."Get Outside and Play." Forget about the cold

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

GreenKayakMarketYearEnd Movie2013

We received permission to share the Green Kayak year-end movie featuring the Ohio River and New Richmond on the Ohio.......Beautiful original music by our friend Jim Comodeca. Remember to hit the river when it's "Time to Play."

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cincinnati Boat Show

We would be remiss if we did not remind everyone that the Cincinnati, Ohio Boat Show is only about 1 week away, starting January 17, 2014, at the Duke Convention Center (right downtown Cincinnati). As we encourage folks to "Get Outside and Play," what better place to check out all the opportunities such as fishing, camping, kayaking, nature trips and, of course, boats. We love visiting the show to see all the great boating-related items out there and to plan for the summer. We got our discount tickets at Kroger last year, and saved a few bucks off of the $12 ticket price. Hit this link for more information:

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1800's Clay Pipe Production Along The Ohio River...

In the late 1800's you could go into a tavern or pub along the Ohio River and choose to borrow from
the bottle of clay, reed-stem, tobacco pipes stored in bottles at the bar.  Most of these pipes were made right on the shores of the Ohio River at the Peterson Pottery Company in Point Pleasant, Ohio. 

The manufacture of these beautiful pipes is believed to have begun around 1840 and ended sometime in the 1890's. We have been told that pipe fragments can still be found along the shores of the Big Indian Creek, which intersects the Ohio River at Point Pleasant, Ohio. Hopefully, places like the Green Kayak Market (in New Richmond on the Ohio) can get hold of some of these pipes for display in the store.

Of course, the hamlet of Point Pleasant, Ohio is also famous as the birthplace of the former US President and Union Army General, Ulysses S Grant. Lots happening down on the shores of the Ohio River.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Day The Ohio River Froze.......

It's currently -5 degrees Fahrenheit. So incredibly cold. One has to go back almost 40 years to experience the last time the OHIO RIVER FROZE. Hard to believe that a flowing river like the Ohio River could freeze, but it happened. From Pittsburgh to Louisville the river froze solid with ice as deep as 8-12 inches. People walked and sledded across the Ohio River from Ohio to Kentucky and back; a once in a lifetime event (we hope!!)

Welcome To 2014......200 Years of Freedom

Welcome to 2014 and the Village of New Richmond Bicentennial. New Richmond is an Ohio Village that sprung from the success of the revolution. Its history is rife with the spirit of justice, freedom and the entrepreneurial spirit that has built our Country. From abolitionists like James Birney and Dr Rogers, to ship builders, to vintners and artists and even world financiers, the rich history lives on in this riverside Village.

We encourage you to visit this summer. Rent a kayak for a paddle on the Ohio River. Eat at one of the several great dining establishments. Seek and find the town mascot, Jacob the Peacock, or enjoy some of the new features we hear are coming; sand volleyball at the Green Kayak, disc golf  and so many special Bicentennial events, including the very special Ohio Chautauqua Theater performance