Monday, October 28, 2013

Zombie Walk Saturday Before the Halloween Rain/Wind Storm....

We ventured down this weekend into the Village of New Richmond on the Ohio for some music and fun. What a great time on so many levels.

We headed down to the Green Kayak as they always seem to have great live music on weekends. Shortly after we arrived at the Kayak, a stream of "zombies" came sauntering through with two even stopping to enjoy a cold beer.  We were told that
Pic "lifted" from Green Kayak Facebook (with permission)

the Zombie Walk was organized by the guys at the World's Only Cardboard Boat Museum. These guys got it going on so many levels.....Just another cool idea from the green-thinking men of cardboard.

After the zombies left the Kayak, it was time for the music. Steve Free was playing on Saturday. Steve is an award winning singer-songwriter having been named ASCAP songwriter of the year amongst his many awards. What a show....I don't know how the Green Kayak gets some of these acts. We could have listened to Steve (who played with a bass player and a special guest, his 16 year old son). We hear Steve is back in January and we encourage you to stop by

We may stop down for Halloween night. We visited last year and there were people all around Front Street. Folks at the Kayak, Front Street CafĂ© and other businesses were all giving out candy and having fun. Even if the predicted big rain/wind storm occurs Halloween night, we will still go down to visit the Kayak and perhaps belly up to the bar to enjoy an adult beverage (or two!)

As we have said in the past, this little Village really rocks. Kayaking, music, great food, amazing civil war-era history and so much more......Keep checking in and we will alert you to what we find out is happening next in New Richmond on the Ohio........

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grilled Cheese Time of theYear.....

With the cool and sometimes damp weather moving in, it's the time of the year for grilled cheese. This dish has always served as one of our favorite "comfort foods." Memories of rainy days at camp highlighted by a grilled cheese/tomato soup lunch, or a more recent late afternoon, cool kayak trip followed by grilled cheese around the fire, the memories associated with this food are always wonderful.

But let's not go with the "typical" grilled cheese. We had an amazing gourmet grilled cheese at the Green Kayak Market in New Richmond on the Ohio. Several creamy cheeses, pears and great bread all combining to give an amazing flavor---wow...what a meal.

Here's a clip of a few other unique recipes for amazing grilled cheese sandwiches:!l7Egv

Please share with us your secret grilled cheese recipes. We will try them out and maybe even share such with folks at the Green Kayak, Front Street and other restaurants.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Is The Ocean Broken....

Pasted below is a sobering article regarding the state of our world oceans. The health of our waterways has been long overlooked. What can we do to help with this problem? Let's rally and build for the future. Check out this article: and please leave a comment below.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Midwest Outdoor Experience in Dayton, OH

We visited the Midwest Outdoor Experience this past weekend in Dayton, Ohio. This is an outdoor festival highlighted by lots of yak gear, music and more. We understand that the event occurs the first weekend in October every year.

One of the highlights of the event was the new whitewater feature created on the Mad River in the MetroPark. What great vision by the Park leaders. This attraction will draw kayakers from all over the region to hone their playboat skills. We're really hoping that the Park installs a "cam" so we can tune in. We will be back and next time with boats!!

Great job by the folks organizing this event....