Thursday, February 21, 2013

So How Goes The Kayak Ramp In New Richmond On The Ohio

Look at all these visitors to New Richmond using the ramp...
As many of you know, New Richmond on the Ohio re-purposed an old ferry boat landing as the only exclusive canoe/kayak ramp on the Ohio in this region.  A great idea to assist outdoor adventurers and help to economically revitalize a community ravaged by the past, including the federal government's decision to coldly split the Village in two by paving a highway through it. What were they thinking??

Back to the canoe/kayak ramp. Efforts have been ongoing to create a plan to submit for funding to upgrade the ramp. We have been asked and will be offering input on the plan to the Village soon. We have been told that the initial plan estimate needs to be tweaked to comply with State requirements, but also allow for a "reasonable" matching number for the Village. As with almost every government grant, monies are available contingent upon a "match" of funds. This project must succeed and will only do so with the support of everyone.We will update you once we learn more of what this "match" entails and  important details. Until then, "PADDLES UP!!!"

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Beautiful views on the Ohio River. What a resource!!


  1. I hope that this ramp evolves into a very accessible one. We need to keep it free of debris and glass so vehicles can come down it safely. My wish is that we can also make it handicapped accessible by installing an EZ dock. See it at

  2. We echo your comments on all fronts. As with all such projects, gathering funding is a challenge but the folks involved will not relent. While the project may well grow in stages, the goal is complete accessibility for all......The EZ dock is awesome. Thanks for the comments and support. Please keep checking in...

  3. I've signed up to "follow" this, but I can't seem to find a way to "join" this. Anyway, I tried writing in the following comments but it didn't work, so I'll try again: I would appreciate a descriotion of the KIND OF "ramp" proposed. I'm concerned because the concrete ramps I've seen thus far are horrible -- the ones that slope into the water and gather slippery slimy moss etc. FAR better are WOODEN "docks" maybe a couple of inches or so above the water level; ones that can float are better still.

  4. Hi, Janet! You're right, that EZ Dock is PERFECT! Thanks so much for the information! It DOES look quite expensive, though.... I would be happy to chip in!

  5. We agree with all the comments and the EZ Dock is great. It appears efforts will need to be ongoing to identify potential "money sources" (ie. grants, sponsorships, etc). Once re-paved the ramp will afford great access right onto the river bank and with other accessories provide great water access for everyone. I know that several folks (Ray P and Jim C) are working with the Village Administrator to keep the Project moving. This really could be a great asset for the entire paddling community.

  6. We've gotten wind of efforts by others to help us with the ongoing Kayak Ramp Project in New Richmond on the Ohio. We are so appreciative. We would love to offer a 10% discount on all food and additional drink specials for any volunteers participating in clean-up and other activities at the Ramp. We really want to see this ramp grow into something valued by the entire regional paddling community. Thanks in advance.....