Sunday, September 27, 2015

Paddle For A Cause....A Complete Success

A group from New Richmond on the Ohio, including folks running the World's Only Cardboard Boat Museum, volunteers from Tri-State Kayakers and business owners from the +GreenKayak Market , created and participated in an event called "Paddling For A Cause." Led by Angie Williams (GM at Bob Evans Restaurant), the group organized a 22 mile kayak paddle through the Dam locks, with net proceeds donated to the Cancer cause in memory of Lauren Hill (local college basketball player and hero in the fight against cancer). The inaugural event included over 20 paddlers despite some adverse weather.
Another cool aspect of the event was that 3 paddlers began the event in their own, custom-made cardboard boats. Prior to the event all the necessary paperwork was filed for the Guinness Book of World Records and, indeed, one cardboard boat paddler completed all 22 miles!! How awesome is that. We will update with the person's name once we learn more.

The lesson learned here is that no matter where your from or what you do, with a little effort and vision you too can make a difference......Paddles up to all our friends!!

All pics taken from Paddling For A Cause Facebook page


It's another Super Moon Sunday. Check out the article in the Link. Stay up late, open a nice bottle of red wine, sit back and watch the moon......

This event will not happen again until 2033....