Friday, November 27, 2015

Toxic Algae In Our Waters: What Is The Fix?

Our region struggled with the toxic algae breakout in the Ohio River and Lake Erie this past summer.
These outbreaks negatively impacted the availability of these waterways for outdoor adventure. While folks struggle with the role of government and control of waterways, it is clear that a solution will inevitably involve both government and private sector participants. What are your thoughts on this issue?

Check out this story on the toxic algae problem.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

History Channel Host Visits New Richmond on the Ohio....

Scott Wolter, host of the History Channel Show "America Unearthed," visited the Green Kayak Market in New Richmond on the Ohio and toured this historic venue. Check out the link to hear what Scott had to say...

In addition to his profession as a forensic geologist and an accomplished television host, Scott is a member of his local Mason Lodge and quite knowledgeable about this interesting organization. Many of the United States forefathers were Masons and utilized the learnings from such organization to outline the fundamental beliefs on which the United States of America was formed.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Get Outside & Play....and go HIKING

Hiking is a great way to Get Outside & Play, and you need not go far to do so.
Here's a list of the top 100 Hiking Trails in Ohio; #3 "East Fork State Park" is only a ten minute drive from New Richmond on the Ohio and the Green Kayak:

RankHiking TrailLocation
1.Arc of AppalachiaHillsboro, Ohio
2.Hocking Hills State ParkLogan, Ohio
3.East ForkCincinnati, Ohio
4.Archers Fork Loop TrailNew Matamoros - Wayne National Forest, Ohio
5.Highbridge trailAkron, Ohio
6.Sells ParkAthens, Ohio
7.Brandywine Falls and Stanford TrailSagamore Hills, Ohio
8.Zaleski Backpack TrailZaleski, Ohio
9.Lake Vesuvius Lakeshore TrailIronton, Ohio
10.Cuyahoga Valley National ParkPeninsula, Ohio
11.Lake Hope State ParkAthens, Ohio
12.MohicanLoudonville, Ohio
13.Scioto Trail State ParkChillicothe, Ohio
14.Blendon WoodsWesterville, Ohio
15.Caesar Creek State ParkWaynesville, Ohio
16.Alum Creek Phase IILewis Center, Ohio
17.John Bryan State ParkYellow Springs, Ohio
18.Jermain ParkToledo, Ohio
19.Charleston Falls PreserveTipp City, Ohio
20.Glacier RidgePlain City, Ohio
21.West BranchRavenna, Ohio
22.Van BurenFindlay, Ohio
23.Blackhand GorgeNashport, Ohio
24.FarnsworthWaterville, Ohio
25.Zimmerman TrailMentor, Ohio
26.Burr Oak State ParkGlouster, Ohio
27.Deer Creek State ParkMt. Sterling, Ohio
28.William H. Harsha LakeBatavia, Ohio
29.Battelle Darby CreekGalloway, Ohio
30.Sharon WoodsWesterville, Ohio
31.Highhbanks MetroparkLewis Center, Ohio
32.Garbry Big Woods SanctuaryPiqua, Ohio
33.Twin Arch ReserveTroy, Ohio
34.Tower ParkCincinnati, Ohio
35.Kris-Mar TrailsMarietta, Ohio
36.Stonelick State ParkPleasant Plain, Ohio
37.Thorn Mtn Bike TrailWellington, Ohio
38.City Trails - Marietta HsMarietta, Ohio
39.City Trails - Marietta Middle SchoolMarietta, Ohio
40.Ohio View Connector TrailNew Matamoras, Ohio
41.Cave Canyon Nature PreserveBainbridge, Ohio
42.Ohio View TrailNew Matamoras, Ohio
43.Harbin parkHamilton, Ohio
44.Quail HollowHartville, Ohio
45.Little Miami State ParkLoveland, Morrow, Corwin, Ohio
46.Cowan Lake State ParkWilmington, Ohio
47.Geneva State ParkGeneva, Ohio
48.Portage Lakes State ParkAkron, Ohio
49.Clarence J. Brown Dam and ReservoirSpringfield, Ohio
50.Great Seal State ParkChillicothe, Ohio
51.Paint Creek State ParkBainbridge, Ohio
52.Scenic River TrailNewport, Ohio
53.Atchinson (hogback Ridge North)Madison, Ohio
54.Hudson Springs ParkHudson, Ohio
55.Little Beaver Creek GreenwayLeetonia, Ohio
56.Dillon State ParkZanesville, Ohio
57.Rays Indoor Mtb ParkCleveland, Ohio
58.Findley State ParkWellington, Ohio
59.Wolf Creek TrailsBarlow, Ohio
60.Keehner ParkWest Chester, Ohio
61.Hueston Woods Bike TrailOxford, Ohio
62.Deerfeild/ Landen ParkLanden, Ohio
63.Hopewell Culture National Historical ParkChillicothe, Ohio
64.Kelleys Island State ParkPort Clinton, Ohio
65.Kiser Lake State ParkConover, Ohio
66.Lake Logan State ParkLogan, Ohio
67.Lake Loramie State ParkMinster, Ohio
68.Lake Milton State ParkLake Milton, Ohio
69.Madison Lake State ParkLondon, Ohio
70.Malabar Farm State ParkLucas, Ohio
71.Mary Jane Thurston State ParkMcClure, Ohio
72.Maumee Bay State ParkOregon, Ohio
73.Alum Creek State ParkDelaware, Ohio
74.AW Marion State ParkCircleville, Ohio
75.Barkcamp State ParkBelmont, Ohio
76.Beaver Creek State ParkEast Liverpool, Ohio
77.Blue Rock State ParkBlue Rock, Ohio
78.Buck Creek State ParkSpringfield, Ohio
79.Delaware State ParkDelaware, Ohio
80.East Fork State ParkBethel, Ohio
81.East Harbor State ParkLakeside-Marblehead, Ohio
82.Forked Run State ParkReedsville, Ohio
83.Guilford Lake State ParkLisbon, Ohio
84.Harrison Lake State ParkFayette, Ohio
85.Headlands Beach State ParkMentor, Ohio
86.Hueston Woods State ParkCollege Corner, Ohio
87.Independence Dam State ParkDefiance, Ohio
88.Indian Lake State ParkLakeview, Ohio
89.Jefferson Lake State ParkRichmond, Ohio
90.Mt Gilead State ParkMt. Gilead, Ohio
91.Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State ParkNelson Township, Ohio
92.Punderson State ParkNewbury, Ohio
93.Pymatuning State ParkAndover, Ohio
94.Rocky Fork State ParkHillsboro, Ohio
95.Salt Fork State ParkLore City, Ohio
96.Shawnee State ParkPortsmouth, Ohio
97.Sycamore State ParkTrotwood, Ohio
98.Tar Hollow State ParkLaurelville, Ohio
99.Tinkers Creek State ParkStreetsboro, Ohio
100.Van Buren State ParkVan Buren, Ohio

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lots of Music In New Richmond on the Ohio

This weekend is, once again, filled with the sounds of music on the Ohio River. The Green Kayak Market, a small eatery in New Richmond on the Ohio, continues to support local music. Whether it's the now local tradition of "Open Mic Thursday" or the local talent taking the Old Lodge Stage on Friday and Saturday nights.

Thursday: Open Mic (various artists) (7-9p)
Friday: Mike Mullee (8p)
Saturday: TBA (8p)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day: Thank You!!

It's Veteran's Day and a reminder to thank all our veterans, as well as all those currently serving. Here at Ohio Kayak, we are thankful for all the men and women who have protected (and continue to protect) our Country and the freedoms it exemplified. Please take time now and throughout the holiday season to thank all those who have serve in the United States Armed Forces......

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Short Trip From The Green Kayak to Hocking Hills to "Get Outside & Play"

Wooded ravines, massive rock outcroppings, waterfalls, fauna and wildlife,  are just a few of the signatures of the Hocking Hills area of Ohio. This region, located in south-eastern Ohio, is only a short drive away from the Green Kayak in New Richmond on the Ohio and well worth the trip.

The Hocking Hills areas has a rich and interesting history. Whether it was the native Americans hunting wildlife or the early settlers mining minerals, this region has long been an attraction. Nowadays, thousands of tourists visit the Hocking Hills State Park area to enjoy outdoor adventure , including taking in the beauty of  Old Man's Cave, Cedar Falls and the other pristine natural attractions.

The following is a link to the hiking trail maps at Hocking Hills State Park:

Monday, October 19, 2015

Small Town Folks Make A Difference....How About You?

Word just made it to us that the Paddling for a Cause Event, sponsored by the World's Only Cardboard Boat Museum, the Green Kayak Restaurant and others, will host a check presentation on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at the World's Only Cardboard Boat Museum (311 Front Street, New Richmond, OH)....Everyone is invited. Hope to see you there

Guiness Book of World Record Holder, Rich Jetter; 22 miles, thru a river lock in a cardboard boat

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Paddle For A Cause....A Complete Success

A group from New Richmond on the Ohio, including folks running the World's Only Cardboard Boat Museum, volunteers from Tri-State Kayakers and business owners from the +GreenKayak Market , created and participated in an event called "Paddling For A Cause." Led by Angie Williams (GM at Bob Evans Restaurant), the group organized a 22 mile kayak paddle through the Dam locks, with net proceeds donated to the Cancer cause in memory of Lauren Hill (local college basketball player and hero in the fight against cancer). The inaugural event included over 20 paddlers despite some adverse weather.
Another cool aspect of the event was that 3 paddlers began the event in their own, custom-made cardboard boats. Prior to the event all the necessary paperwork was filed for the Guinness Book of World Records and, indeed, one cardboard boat paddler completed all 22 miles!! How awesome is that. We will update with the person's name once we learn more.

The lesson learned here is that no matter where your from or what you do, with a little effort and vision you too can make a difference......Paddles up to all our friends!!

All pics taken from Paddling For A Cause Facebook page


It's another Super Moon Sunday. Check out the article in the Link. Stay up late, open a nice bottle of red wine, sit back and watch the moon......

This event will not happen again until 2033....

Monday, July 27, 2015

Once in a "Blue Moon"

A full moon occurs once every approximate 29.5 days, but every once in a "blue moon" two full moons can occur in one month. This Friday, July 31, 2015, will be just such a phenomena.  The next Blue Moon will not occur until 2018.....Get Outside & Play this Friday and have fun!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Celebrate Earth Day 2015

We hope all acknowledge today as "Earth Day 2015."  Earth Day began in 1970, launching on the energy of the anti-war movement and the evolving awareness of the ravagess of environmental disasters. Indeed, the idea for Earth Day was hatched by a then-US Senator from Wisconsin, in part, based upon the fallout from an oil spill in California. ( )

We spoke to some folks down in New Richmond on the Ohio. We caught someone at the Green Kayak Market. Not surprisingly, every day is Earth Day at the Kayak. The Kayak folks told us that they weekly recycle all their glass/plastic bottles, have plans to plant a garden and will be capturing rain water in barrels; now that's how you make a difference!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Clean Rivers......

As summer approaches and the minds of folks turn to rivers, lakes and fun; that's good. However, regardless of your views on "global warming" or other such issues, the cleanliness of our waterways is a very real and paramount concern.

Early this year, a report was issues regarding the Ohio River and identified one company downriver from Cincinnati allegedly responsible for a large amount of contaminants in the river. This must stop. Other rivers face similar concerns

In an effort to make a difference, rumor has it the the Green Kayak Market (New Richmond, OH) and Sweetwater Brewing (Atlanta, GA) our in discussions to begin a weekly Ohio River clean up initiative this summer. We love to hear this and encourage such action......Every little bit counts!! We will update you as we learn more and encourage you to check out the link to

Paddles Up!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

New Activities Down On The River....

We just checked out a few Facebook sites and saw that the Green Kayak Market is installing two sand volleyball courts...How cool is that? Every year it seems the fun on the Ohio River continues to grow. Music, boating, events and now sand volleyball

Here's a pic we took (with permission) from the Green Kayak Facebook; love it!

Not sure who are the drivers of change in the river Village of New Richmond but whomever (Council? Mayor? Business Owners? Citizens?), we hope they keep moving forward. This Village could some day be a "go-to" place for summer fun!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ole Man River Risin'....

This has been a crazy spring with the Ohio River spilling over its banks on several occasions. With a "pool" level of about 25', the recent river crest at over 57' was substantial and a bit scary. Roads were closed and even some houses were subsumed by the swelling river. The Village of New Richmond (and surrounding communities) were inundated by media capturing the wrath and power of mother nature.

While the river retreated to within its banks, the river is risin' again. To the left is a hydrograph from the National Weather Service predicting the water level over the next few days.......wet and fast...The true flood stage is 52', and we hope not to see that level again anytime soon

Stay dry and while we encourage all to "Get Outside and Play," please do so safely

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Who's Up For A Treasure Hunt.....

April 2015 finds an awesome event in the Village of New Richmond on the Ohio. The event is the AFK Geocache "Freedom Trail."

The first question of many is "What is geocaching?" For more information on this fun event (good for groups of friends/families), check out the following link:  In short, geocaching is nothing more than a modern day treasure hunt whereby participants utilize gps coordinates to locate "caches" or small treasures. Our suggestion is that you visit New Richmond on the Ohio April 24-26, 2015 to learn and play

The second question of others is, "How can I play?" Here is a link to the Geocache "Freedom Trail" event:    We encourage everyone, as usual, to "Get Outside & Play." Rumor has it that the folks at the Green Kayak are involved with the event organizers to help make the fun happen....Gotta love the Kayak!