Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grilled Cheese Time of theYear.....

With the cool and sometimes damp weather moving in, it's the time of the year for grilled cheese. This dish has always served as one of our favorite "comfort foods." Memories of rainy days at camp highlighted by a grilled cheese/tomato soup lunch, or a more recent late afternoon, cool kayak trip followed by grilled cheese around the fire, the memories associated with this food are always wonderful.

But let's not go with the "typical" grilled cheese. We had an amazing gourmet grilled cheese at the Green Kayak Market in New Richmond on the Ohio. Several creamy cheeses, pears and great bread all combining to give an amazing flavor---wow...what a meal.

Here's a clip of a few other unique recipes for amazing grilled cheese sandwiches:!l7Egv

Please share with us your secret grilled cheese recipes. We will try them out and maybe even share such with folks at the Green Kayak, Front Street and other restaurants.

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  1. Man does this look good. This is the ultimate comfort food!!! Using a good sourdough bread makes the gooey inside AWESOME....I like to use Marble Jack and Swiss