Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Singer/Songwriter Steve Free Hits #1 in Europe, But Clings To His Ohio River Roots.....

Steve Free recently played at the Green Kayak Market and Eatery in New Richmond on the Ohio. The 1997 ASCAP Songwriter of the year, Steve, from the Ohio River city Portsmouth area, has travelled the world sharing his stories and songs. Here's a short list of just a bit of Steve's musical success:

"A Child of These Hills"  #1 on God's Country Music Chart, January 2014
"Do You Wanna Dance" #1 on International Country Music Chart, January 2014
"Down By The River" #1 GTE Music Magazine, Oct 2013
"Appalachian Moon" #1 in Europe

This list could go on for pages, with Steve having many other successful songs ("Party on the River"/ "Fried Green Tomatos") and moments in a long and illustrious career.  Steve has played for children, the Governor and was even nominated for a Grammy.

Having seen Steve play, a common theme to his songs is the inspiration of the Ohio River and the surrounding environment.  Something about the river and the people living near the river provide an inspiration that has led to his musical success. We understand that Steve will be back at the Green Kayak Market ( ) on March 22, 2014. Well worth a visit out to this cool little river store.....Remember--"Get Outside and Play."
From GreenKayak Market facebook site

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