Thursday, April 16, 2015

Clean Rivers......

As summer approaches and the minds of folks turn to rivers, lakes and fun; that's good. However, regardless of your views on "global warming" or other such issues, the cleanliness of our waterways is a very real and paramount concern.

Early this year, a report was issues regarding the Ohio River and identified one company downriver from Cincinnati allegedly responsible for a large amount of contaminants in the river. This must stop. Other rivers face similar concerns

In an effort to make a difference, rumor has it the the Green Kayak Market (New Richmond, OH) and Sweetwater Brewing (Atlanta, GA) our in discussions to begin a weekly Ohio River clean up initiative this summer. We love to hear this and encourage such action......Every little bit counts!! We will update you as we learn more and encourage you to check out the link to

Paddles Up!!

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