Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kentucky Thorough-Breasts: DragonBoat Festival

A very cool water event to checkout this weekend is the Kentucky Dragoboat Festival.  Competitions with these majestic boats originated in China and has been taking place for 20 centuries or so. Traditionally each boat carries 22 people, with 20 paddling, one drummer/caller and one sweeper (steering the boat). For competitions, most of the boats are ornately decorated with dragon heads and tails.

The Kentucky competition is a fundraiser for breast cancer research. The host team is the "Kentucky Thorough-Breasts," which consists of all breast cancer survivors  ( ). These women demonstrate courage and enthusiasm that serves as a model to so many others facing breast cancer and the rigors of treatment. The event includes an incredibly moving survivor ceremony where all the survivors gather in boats and end by placing flowers in the water.....

The event is on Saturday at AJ Jolly Lake in northern Kentucky.  Boats are provided.

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