Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Is Humor Important...Or Are We Crazy???

It seems that humor has lost its way. As we approach the upcoming election, the humor exhibited by people seems to decline and anger, judgment and general meanness reign supreme. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, the bottom-line is that one should refrain from taunting others and lashing out in a judgmental matter. Clearly our citizens care--and that's good. However, let's not forget about respect for others, understanding and "good judgment." Recently, we witnessed a mean-spirited attack based on assumptions, intolerance and otherwise judgmental behavior. Even when one reaches out, some folks simply won't listen.  Perhaps we need to be to take a step back and stop the rhetoric and in-fighting. We are one Country, under one government, with hopefully one goal of seeing our citizens excel........Let's tap into the humor of life to help us find the common ground and grow our great Country. We're in it together, so let's act like it!!

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