Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Leaf Me paddle the river!!

The leaves are already beginning to turn and the whitecaps on the water remind us of the cold to come. Fall is a beautiful season on the water and there's just so much to do. Don't let a little brisk wind or choppy water keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. Just remember to cover up a little better with waterproof clothes and even a good pair of paddling gloves. There are so many accessories out in the marketplace that allow for year round paddling, even in the cooler climates

 In addition to the wildlife that frequent the shoreline, the leaves are beautiful this time of year. If you get out early enough you can enjoy paddling through the fog that hangs on the water. Paddling through a thick morning fog is an amazing feeling and a great way to start the day......Just get out and play!!!!

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