Friday, December 14, 2012

Even More Music On The River.....

It's the weekend and time again for LIVE MUSIC on the Ohio River. We are told that the Green Kayak Market & Eatery welcomes  young, rising Nashville star, Tana Matz, back to the GK on Saturday night. In fact, we were also told that a nationwide booking agent for the college market will be attending to potentially sign her up....How cool would that be... We hope the house is full at the GK on Front Street in New Richmond on the Ohio and we will send some of our folks to check it out... Hope you make it out Saturday night too


  1. This is in New Richmond? I used to live in Felicity,Ohic but live in Big Bone area in Union,Ky love New Richmond go by it everytime I go to see my kids and Grandkids in Bethel and Felicity but have been on our Boat to New Richmond a lot in the 13 years we have been boating and always stop there and visit. Peace and love to you ALL

  2. Yes. We did find this place in New Richmond and it is just so cool for all ages. It's open weekends in the winter and all week during the summer season. Great place to visit with kids (big sandy area in what they call the Backhouse Beachclub).....Thanks for checking out our blog and please check back frequently and share with friends....We love New Richmond and all the waterways in the Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky area. We especailly appreciate and thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments.....