Sunday, December 23, 2012

Comedy On The River....INCREDIBLE FUN FOR ALL!

We sent some folks into New Richmond on the Ohio for what was billed as "Comedy On The River." If this is going to be a regular event, then folks must come....HILARIOUS. The event was held at the Green Kayak Market & Eatery and was organized by Loraine Braun, introduced as the Director of Comedy....She introduced each of the comics and, oh yes, they were funny. The comics involved, in addition to the host, Loraine, were Rob Wilfong, Kim Sherwood and Thomas Cox. They even had a young man (Sam), a high school student at nearby Anderson High School, open the show. Very cool. All of these comics are for real and we encourage you to check them out on the web and Facebook.......The laughs coming from the Green Kayak building were loud and continuous.  On a related note, this little town was really happening last night with cars lining the entire Front Street. The Front Street Cafe, the Landing and the World's Only Cardboard Boat Museum (curator Tommy Lemon) were all hosting events that clearly brought scores of people to the banks of the Ohio River.....Something "sneaky quiet" appears to be happening at New Richmond on the Ohio....


  1. This looks fun...Are they coming back?

  2. funny you ask. The comics return on Saturday, January 19...We will be sending folks down!!

  3. Was not enough advertisement for this. I had no idea this was scheduled. I would love to come to the Green Kayak and see comedians. Hope this is scheduled again. Maybe fliers to local community's with option to purchase tickets would be helpful.

    1. We checked the Green Kayak Facebook page and, under Events, we found another Comedy on the River date set for April 20.....Sounds like so much fun!!