Monday, March 18, 2013

And The Water Rises Again....

Here we go again. As goes this crazy southern Ohio/northern Kentucky spring, the Ohio River is predicted to inch up towards the flood stage again this week cresting at over 40 feet. Here's the link to the National Weather service website which identifies the expected crest:

There was also an interesting note on the National Weather Service site today regarding the potential lost of stream gauge sites. Although no sites are expected to be lost in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, West Virginia and Pennsylvania are anticipated to lose a few sites. These real-time stream gauges are used by the National Weather Service to perform the complicated calculation on expected flood levels on major rivers. The cuts are as a result of the much-discussed sequestration affecting so many branches of the US government.

As for kayaking, we are going to have to wait longer to safely get on the Ohio River. We do not recommend paddlers to go out on the waters under flood conditions like expected this week. In addition to the swift current, the concern is the debris that is swept into the river. Some of the debris is just below the water level and creates a real hazard condition. To get your kayak fix, we recommend that you hit one of the many inland lakes in the region.

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