Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another Tough Date Along The Ohio River Near Cincinnati..

March 1 is widely accepted as the date of the beginning of the 1997 flood. March 2 is, without question, the date a tornado jumped the river from Kentucky and leveled a good portion of the river town of Moscow, Ohio. March 2 was an odd day in the Tri-State (Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky) as the weather began mild and then elevated to an outbreak of severe storms in very short order.  Shortly before 5 pm EST an EF3 tornado (with 160 mph winds) skated across the Ohio River from Kentucky and landed hard on the Ohio bank. The tornado ripped through Moscow in a matter of minutes leaving a path of destruction hard to imagine. Had we not seen it ourselves it would be hard to believe.

One of our friends had her rustic log cabin twisted on its foundation from the force of the mighty winds.  Months passed before the house could be repaired and the family could be back at home. However, they were the lucky ones. Many folks, due to FEMA rules and building regulations, still have not rebuilt and probably never will. If you live in a flood zone, you best  carefully read the FEMA guidelines and terms of insurance. We're not sure anyone really understands them-- Just try to rebuild and see what difficulties you will encounter with the local County building authority. There are many "appeals process," limitations and other pitfalls that stand more as government red tape than true value to the community.

That said, we spoke to some folks at the Green Kayak Market in New Richmond who had a friend's house hit by the tornado. The insurance company worked with the family to repair and in the process tore out a substantial portion of the knotty pine lining the wondrous riverside home. Destined for the burn pile, the beautiful wood was reclaimed and used to build the bar and other items at the Green Kayak Market. We will get a picture of the "reclaimed bar" and will visit the Kayak to toast all our friends in Moscow, Ohio.

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