Saturday, June 22, 2013

Is It a Bird, Is It a Plane?? It's Super Moon Saturday/Sunday

For all of the lost romantics out there, grab your sweetie, wake up early Sunday (@7:30am) and bask in the alluring glow of the Super Moon as it hangs heavy over the Ohio River. The Super Moon will grace the sky late Saturday night and peak early Sunday. Because of its close proximity to earth, the moon will appear both much larger  (over 10%) and brighter (about 30%).

Folklore has it that the full moon is a time of increased odd behavior and supernatural activity. Whether it's an increase in hospital emergency room visits , flat-out wacky behavior or an increase in crime, something sure seems to be happenings on Full Moon evenings.  Scientific studies have not borne out proof of such association, but the anecdotal evidence continues to build. Watch out tonight !!!

On the Super Moon front, such occurs rarely and not again until August 2014. The Super  Moon occurs when the Full Moon coincides withe perigee--the date on which the moon is closest to the earth. While both events occur approximately one time per month, seldom do such dates coincide.

So kiss your spouse, hug your puppy or pen a romantic song, but just make sure to get outside and enjoy the show. Please feel free to share with us all of your Super Moon pictures. Have a great night

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