Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is It The Derecho?

So what is a "derecho?" The weather folks keep throwing around the threat of a derecho, but no one told us what it is. Time to "Bing" the answer (everyone else "googles" so we're trying to create a new trend) .....

It appears that a derecho is a long-lived, line of severe thunderstorms that generally develop in June and July. Derecho is a Spanish word meaning "straight." A common characteristic of these storms are strong and sustained straight line winds.  To be considered a "derecho" it appears the winds must average at least 58 mph across the entire line  of storms, and must be maintained at
such level for no less than 6 hours. These winds often lead to intense damage and power outages. We're hoping that the prediction for a derecho in our area does not come true as this sounds way too intense.

Just a year past the devastation of the tornado that hit along the Ohio River in Ohio and Kentucky, the potential for "derecho" intense storms brings on a new sense of urgency. The power and wrath of spring and summer storms are incredible and awe-inspiring. Please be cognizant of how fast these storms can develop and how long they can last.  So while we always encourage you to "Get Out and Play," please only do so when weather permits.

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