Friday, November 30, 2012

"I Competed Against An Olympian...."

Not a river or stream, but man can this young woman hit the water with success. So cool that Olympic medalist Missy Franklin will swim with her high school team before moving on to college. Life is about relationships and despite Missy's Olympic success, people should not take away her opportunity to be part of her high school. Quite frankly, it's ashame that any decision she made results in one group of adults questioning her decision.  While Missy clearly has extreme God-given talent, one must not underestimate how hard she has worked (and continues to work) to develop that talent and she should not be deprived (or feel bad about) wanting to support her school, friends and family. We would bet that most of her teammates and opponents will think it very cool to simply be in the pool with an Olympian, let alone compete against her. Every person she swims will be telling folks forever, " I competed against an Olympian in high school"--how cool is that!!  We hope that folks let Missy be and have fun....

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