Thursday, November 8, 2012

More Music, More Fun...all on the water...

It's another Thursday and another "stage time" event at the Green Kayak at New Richmond on the Ohio (, as well as a lineup of entertainment at the Front Street Cafe, just a stone's throw upriver from the Green Kayak (  You can also "bar hop" down river a block or so to the Landing to check out all the sites. These quaint venues offer a great selection of beer, wine and food and lots of musical talent--all with a view of the beautiful Ohio River and into the hills of Kentucky. But that's not all we know about this historic little village, New Richmond offers an exclusive canoe/kayak ramp (repurposed from a long abandoned river ferry locale), a fishing/ski boat ramp up river from the kayak ramp and the Worlds Only Cardboard Boat Museum (at least as far as they know !!!).  Check it out as featured by RoadsideAmerica

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