Monday, November 26, 2012

It's A Wild Animal....Isn't It???

A recent story emerged in the little Ohio River Village of New Richmond, Ohio. The story got much more play than it should have, and I guess we are perpetuating some of the hype. However, the reason we raise the issue is as a reminder that "wild animals can be wild." 

Roaming the Village for years has been a peacock, proudly referred to throughout the Village as Jacob. Jacob is name after the founder of the near 200 year old Village. A 22 month child somehow ended up way too close to Jacob and was scratched, requiring a visit to the hospital and a few stitches. Unfortunately, instead of simply being happy that their child was safe, the family involved the television media and threatened to sue the Village. An odd, and incredibly sad reaction, to what was certainly a scary situation.

While not placing blame on anyone, one has to wonder why a 22 month old child was permitted to be so close to a wild animal. Jacob, when left alone, has been, from all reports and experience, been a great neighbor for many years. But when harassed, knowingly or unknowingly, he (like any animal) can be dangerous. Clearly, the answer is not a lawsuit, nor is it contacting the media. The answer is that when you are out kayaking, hiking, camping or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors, please stay away from the wildlife. This seems like common sense, but it's incredible sense to some.....

On a related note, there are several lessons to be learned from this event. First, and most important, fortunately the young child is fine. Second, if you call the TV stations to tell your story and try to gain sympathy, the effort can backfire. The New Richmond Peacock Facebook page is proof positive. The page is rife with comments from Jacob supporters and also full of vulgar and otherwise disturbing comments from the family of the young girl. While the family has seen it fit to delete some the worst comments, such does not alleviate the fact that such were made.....What's the old quote "He who protesteth too much....."


  1. Thank You for your well thought out wisdom, I think the one lesson that can be learned is.
    After you do something stupid enough to get your own child hurt, take responsibility for your own actions before you blame it on anything else.

  2. I truly hope these parents have learned something from all of this, their own stupidity and greed will eventually lead to the truth.

  3. Well said. Thankfully the child is ok, but the media involvement makes you wonder

  4. Jacob is back in the Village, welcome home Jacob.


    2. What a beautiful bird....So majestic. Great to see he is safe

    3. We visited historic New Richmond on New Year's day and were greeted by Jacob the Peacock. It was good to see that he survived the "bash" of media attention.....We kept our distance and so did he and everyone seemed quite happy!

  5. How can they sue the village ? Jacob doesn't belong to anyone. he is a wild animal and should be approached with caution, especially by children. where were the parents ?

  6. This is what I found on New Richmond Peacock page dated Nov. 9, 2012
    The person who posted this was Sara Holland, the mother of the 2 year old.
    Let me tell u I'm not in it for the damn money I'm just want the bird gone so it doesnt do what it did to my child to someone else's seriously u dont no what happened u wasn't there im tired of people saying things about my daugther !!!
    As I read all of the post in there, never once did I see anything bad about the child, all the anger was pointed directly at the parents.
    Over and over she kept changing the story until someone proved her story to be full of BS and lies.
    I can not figure out why they want the bird gone from that village, as I understand, they live elsewhere, what's the reason they want it gone so bad. if the bird is found dead it would safe to assume there hatred may have some thing to do with it, I live in Canada we have many kinds of wildlife birds, they harm no one.
    I am glad you posted this I find myself angry just reading those comments from such a bitter person.

  7. We appreciate the feedback and so agree with your comments. Someone else said they're sending us a video they took of the Peacok in the Village this past weekend. We will post such upon receipt. Again, everyone seems happy that the child is fine, but one has to question why the parents (assuming it was them) got the media involved......

  8. We were in New Richmond two weeks ago and saw the peacock. He is so beautiful. The only issue was that we saw a group of young kids getting in his face and the parents were about a block away encouraging the behavior. What's with these parents? And these kids, probably 7-12, should know better......Frustrating...The only problem with the peacock is the people who act inappropriately!