Monday, January 21, 2013

A Pastry To Go With My Outdoor Adventure...

We stopped down to New Richmond yesterday to check out the Ohio River. It appears the raging river has crested and beginning to drop. Good news for all of the riverfront businesses, but the river sure is beautiful kicking by at such a quick pace.

We stopped by our favorite place the Green Kayak, but it was not open. We guess the drop-off of visitors to the Village in the winter creates the need to limit hours. Very understandable. Please make sure to come by the Kayak for a visit Friday and Saturday when they are open for their winter hours. Friday is a Country singer (Tana Matz) and Saturday they have an amazing acoustic duo, The Dishes (MJ and Heather).....We need to support these local businesses!!

The newest news for us was the "Peacock Bakery." We were told that this bakery, located right next to the Green Kayak, will be open. What a great compliment to the New Richmond business district. We peeked in the window and the place looks so cool. We can't wait to visit this place when it opens.....We wonder if this bakery is named after the famous New Richmond Peacock, Jacob. (He even has his own facebook page!/pages/The-New-Richmond-Peacock/106020482775439?fref=ts ) We will keep you posted on this bakery. We were told by the guy we found near the Kayak that two women own the bakery and that they are wonderful and amazing bakers....YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!

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