Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Village Full of Music and Fun-- Little New Orleans?

The little Ohio River of New Richmond is getting a reputation. The reputation is that of fun, great live music, top notch food and wine and excellent service. We stopped down to the Green Kayak Market to see Jim Comodeca play. We saw Jim and a string of other amazing musicians who just stopped by to join a few sets. Roy Basham and members of his band Kentucky 31 (mandolin/bass)took the stage, as did Ryan Paul Wilson and a young local guy, Denver Young. What a night. Spontaneous music is what the Kayak is all about. They even leave a guitar on stage all the time for anyone to come in and play...So cool.

We stopped by again Saturday evening and there was a woman playing and she was great. While we did not catch her name, we were told by one of the Kayak servers that she and her friend just came in for a late lunch and she decided to play....The "resting" guitar was put to work for hours.

****The Green Kayak also had the return of Comedy on the River.....The comics were incredibly funny and very interactive with the crowd. The lineup was set again by Loraine Braun and the two featured performers were Dennis Piper and Tim Collins. Good old Milton (front row center stage) at 70+ years old enjoyed his "part" of the show...What a great sport!! We should all hope to be as energetic, good-natured and happy as Milton..We also learned from Dennis that we better watch for late night bicycle riders in Oxford-- great story, and Tim's "Irish Catholic" raising has led to so many hilarious stories (some with way toooo much information). We don't know where Loraine finds all these folks but they (and her) sure are top notch. They will come back to the Kayak in February (Friday, February 15/ 7:30 pm) for the return of Comedy on the River.

This little Village rocks.....We encourage you to spend some time in New Richmond, Ohio, watch the rising Ohio River rip by and stop by the shops/restaurants like the Green Kayak Market & Eatery....This Village on the verge of busting out....

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