Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wine Is The Answer....What Is The Question???

An American Viticultural Area is a designated  wine grape-growing region in the United States and we've got one here!! The Ohio River area is the second largest wine appellation area in the US and widely regarded as the birthplace of American Viticulture. Since 1823, when Nicholas Longworth first planted grapes in the rich soil along the Ohio River near Cincinnati, the Ohio River and the surrounding land has played a significant role in the development of the American wine trade. While the industry was decimated by Prohibition, the rich history, fertile soil and tenacity of local growers has resulted in an amazing variety of quality local and regional wines....

We encourage you to stop by a local winery, like Harmony Hill or Kinkead Ridge, and enjoy a bottle. You can even find local wines gracing the shelves of  large stores like Kroger and quaint family-owned businesses like the Green Kayak Market and Eatery in New Richmond.....CHEERS!!

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