Monday, August 5, 2013

Buoy Tender Craft Visited A Weekend Or So Ago....

We forgot to mention that when we were in New Richmond on the Ohio a few weekends ago, there was quite a stir created by the visit from the Coast Guard Buoy Tender craft. The crafted floated into town on Saturday evening and tied off to the Village's now-famous "LogNess Monster." Good ole "LogNess" appears to be loved by everyone!!

These vessels are used on the river to replace and maintain navigational buoys. Because of the constant fluctuation of the Ohio River, the buoys and other navigational aids require rather constant maintenance.

Did you also know that the Ohio River is unique amongst other rivers on how the mile markers are laid out. On the Ohio, the mile markers start with the headwaters and move downstream. In all other rivers the mile markers run "upriver" from the mouth....Odd, yet interesting fact

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