Thursday, August 15, 2013

RIVERDAYS FESTIVAL at New Richmond On The Ohio....

Tomorrow is the start of the weekend festival in New Richmond on the Ohio, also known as RiverDays. We are hitting the Village and checking out the festivities. Maybe we'll see you down there.

We plan on hitting the music scene at Haussermann Park. With the history of the "Gold King" at the Park we are expecting some great tunes. We saw a posting that Ryan Wilson is playing, with a special guest, Jim Comodeca-who we've heard play before. Hope he plays the "Capt Bill" and "Great Day to Kick Somebody's A#@." 

Saturday has a lineup of a parade, fireworks, cardboard boat races, some serious music and oh so many of the classic Midwest carnival games. These village festivals are just so cool and so much the throwback of what life has been in the past. We encourage you to visit this festival or such other local festival and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds!!

Get outside and play--at RiverDays!!

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