Monday, August 12, 2013

Dancing and Fun In New Richmond on the Ohio.....

We were back on the move this past weekend and ended up in New Richmond on the Ohio again.....what a blast. We started out early with a great dinner at the Green Kayak Market & Eatery Backhouse Beachclub-- If you haven't been there you best get there with some friends. We then went inside for some great music on what they call the "Old Lodge Stage." First up was a guy named Roy and, man, was he fun.....He even had some sunglass-laden little boy up on stage rockin' it out with him...Check it out
Next up was Jim. We've seen him play before and his tunes/stories are great. We particularly love the quirky "Captain Bill" song and Jim's emotional version of "Hallelujah." What a great lineup and it still wasn't over......

After Roy and Jim's short sets, two young guys took the stage; Mike and Jeff. These guys were excellent. Young men with old souls, playing and singing classics and more modern tunes. We hear they are playing again this week on Friday on the Kayak's Old Lodge Stage.....

It's RiverDays weekend at New Richmond on the Ohio so we will definitely be there for all there is to offer. The Green Kayak and New Richmond on the Ohio ROCK!!!

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