Saturday, February 16, 2013

And The Laughs Keep Rollin and Music Playin....

This little Village of New Richmond, Ohio continues to amaze. We stopped by last night and enjoyed so many laughs along the river. The Green Kayak's monthly Comedy on the River lineup did not disappoint. Ms. Loraine put together another stellar lineup, which included a "newbie" (first time on the stage) and several seasoned veteran comics. Kathie Dice ,( ) from just south of Cleveland, graced the stage and had people reeling. Her brand of comedy is an outstanding take on life and is fall-over funny. Dave Hyden ( ) headlined in dramatic fashion. People were taken with his relaxed and quick-witted retorts, as the presentation flowed from one topic to another, even picking up smoothly on comments by the audience. His cynical comedy kept everyone on the edge of their seats in laughter. And, for the table of 20 year old men, well, what a lesson in life and relationship!!! They'll never be the same. Of course, as noted, Ms. Loraine hosted the event and opened the night with her unique brand of outstanding humor....WOW!!

We are heading back to the Village tonight to stop in on the OMEB School of Rock recital. This rock recital is one of the "coolest" things we have seen. The guitar instructor (aka OMEB "One Man Electrical Band"), Mike Carr, brings his students to the Kayak to show off their guitar skills. The students play lead guitar and Mike sings. They are backed up by music tracks created solely by Mike himself-- he plays every instrument, sings every harmony and mixes it into an amazing masterpiece of rock. Well worth the trip if you are a fan of great guitar playing and rock to the tune of Guns-n-Roses, Black Sabbath, etc,

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