Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rising Piles of Snow and Rising Ohio River....

February came in with a vengeance. We experienced the beauty of snowfall overnight, accompanied by very frigid temperatures. What a couple of rough nights. On Friday, we visited New Richmond on the Ohio to check out the rising waters of the Ohio River...Wow is it moving.

While in New Richmond we happened upon a great music event at the Green Kayak Market & Eatery. We heard a band called Kentucky 31 play some great bluegrass, followed by the Denver Young Band. Kentucky 31 is a collection of talented, experienced musicians who clearly love playing and entertaing. The two young guys constituting the Denver Young Band were flat-out fun. Denver sang and played a rhythm guitar, and  Ryan primarily played lead and back up vocals. Watch for these guys; they can make it big. Both bands can be found on Facebook and we hope you "Like" them like we do....We will be watching for these guys to come back to the Kayak for another performance----they are GREAT!!

This little river town rocks! We so encourage people to check it out

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