Sunday, February 17, 2013

Music Filled The Air This Weekend Again....

Another weekend passed in New Richmond on the Ohio with waves of music crossing the Ohio River into Kentucky. The OMEB School of Rock completed the second half of its student-rocker recitals and it was amazing. From the young man (and his little brothers) wearing the fedoras to the Treon family (both Father and Son) to the teenage rocker-girl, everyone hit the notes and rocked out at the Kayak. As you can see from the photos we pulled from the GK Facebook site, the crowd was large and energetic. If you didn't make it down, you missed some great entertainment

The Kayak christened its new stage with the OMEB School of Rock rockers and, boy, does it look cool. Here's a photo they gave us of the stage in construction. We love the rounded front, and the acoustics in the room are very HOT!!
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