Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wow..What a Weekend on the River...

Wow......What another great weekend at our new favorite place in New Richmond on the Ohio; the Green Kayak Market & Eatery. We stopped by on Friday and Saturday. Friday we caught a set by MJ Stallings. MJ played a great set of 60's and 70's acoustic classics and, man, does she have a beautiful voice. We were told she has a singing partner, who will be with her at the next visit, and that there harmonies are amazing. What was really cool is the "family approach" to music that we have seen a the Kayak. A guy named Roy stopped in. He seemed to know a few folks and before we knew it he was making MJ's Taylor guitar sing and joining her in a duet. Sharing the music seems to be the goal of this place and it just seems to happen. Very cool!

 Saturday was proof-positive that this little Village is a place to check out. The streets were filled with cars, with music at both the Green Kayak and the Front Street Cafe. The Green Kayak had +Tana Matz playing again on the date of her 20th birthday. We have seen this young woman perform in the past and she didn't let down. Her girl-next-door approach is only enhanced by her stage presence, beauty and great voice. She engaged the crowd the entire night, and even blushed up a bit as 3 young fans took stage to lead the crowd in a rousing verse of Happy Birthday. You better catch this girl on stage around town soon, because it won't be long before she will be playing in really big venues (with hefty ticket prices!!).  She's still a "free admission" at the Kayak and we here she'll be back again in late March.

We can't wait to see what the Green Kayak has next weekend. We checked out the "Events" section of the Green Kayak Market's Facebook page and the next weekend looks like another hit..........We encourage you to visit.

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