Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day To All....

Today is Earth Day and what a beautiful day it is! Earth day originated in 1970, with the idea arising out of the devastation of an oil spill in California. The plan was to raise the national consciousness of the problems of pollution and need to preserve our beautiful earth. Who would have thought that this single idea would evolve into an event celebrated by so many.

Along those lines, we came across a pretty interesting organization with a mission that fits Earth Day.  Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is working to propagate and preserve old growth trees worldwide. Indeed, the group is celebrating Earth Day by planting coastal redwoods in seven countries.

As for each us, what are you doing for Earth Day 2013?  We're off to make a few plantings of our own, and remind each of you to, "Get outside and play!"
Coastal Redwood photo from Archangel Ancient Tree Photo Gallery

Here's a link to a new article that identifies Earth Day activities around the world:

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