Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How About Another Beer On The Water....

OK, it's hump day and we are so ready for the weekend. When we think of the weekend, we think of fun, music and BEER. While the classics like Bud, Bud Light and Miller are the old stand by brews, there are so many new and cool beers out there and we hope to try them all!!

Craft beers have been a boom business the last few years, and they can be found at bars and pubs around the world. Indeed, the rush of great new beer has even found its way to the shores of  the Ohio River at New Richmond (on the Ohio) While visiting the Green Kayak Market & Eatery a few weeks ago, we discovered, in addition to the amazing Ohio River views, a number of very good craft beers.

Rivertowne: This is a great local Cincinnati-area brewery. We particularly enjoyed the "Hop Bomber" ale. This pale ale is named after the B-24 Liberator Bomber and it packs a great taste. Very high on our list.

Full Sail: Full Sail is another craft beer we tried at the GK. Again, a real quality beer from a small brewery in Oregon. This IPA has a bit more of a citrus taste to it and went down real smooth. Loved it!

Mt Carmel Brewery: What a superb brew and, as we learned, another local favorite from southern Ohio. While Mt. Carmel makes a Pale Ale like the others noted above, we opted for a different approach for beer #3 at the GK. The Nut Brown Ale and, man, it did not fail. This beer has a hazelnut flavor that is so smooth--excellent. We hope to visit the brewery soon (which isn't a far drive from New Richmond on the Ohio)

These are just a few of the many beers on the Green Kayak beer list. The selection of beer at the Kayak is surprisingly good for such a small, local establishment in a sleepy river town. In the summer, we enjoyed several Summer Shandy (Leinenkugel beer) in the Backhouse Beach Club at the Kayak (they even have Leinenkugel (Summer Shandy and later a Vanilla Porter on tap!!!).

The availability of wine looks good too, but we will let that wait to another day! Pl;ease share with us other craft beers that you enjoy and we intend to try some other craft beers during our next visit to the Kayak and other local pubs......PLEASE SHARE

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