Thursday, April 25, 2013

Now This Is Going Green....

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky has made great strides on "going green." We've heard of a group called "Green Umbrella," "Green Kayak Market," and so many other LEED this and LEED that, but this one takes the "green" cake. Someone sent us a copy of the Village of New Richmond on the Ohio's latest efforts to go green---GOATS!

In an effort to groom the lovely Ohio River riverfront, this creative little Village (home also of the World's only Cardboard Boat Museum) has taken to nature clean up the beach. While we have little in the way of details (not unlike so many major news agencies), we want to be the first to publicly announce this green effort. The goats should have the riverfront gleaming and free of weeds and debris. Can't wait to see this plan in action.

We wonder how the Village shepherds will keep the goats from roaming. Will the goats swim into the river? (We spotted a deer (true story) swimming the river a few weeks ago)  Just so many questions, and we will get answers. Nonetheless, we love this idea and "hats off" again to this cool little town. All the more reason for people to taking the long and winding Rt 52 road out to New Richmond on the Ohio......

We will be stopping by sometime this weekend to check out the fun..

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