Thursday, April 11, 2013

Have You Ever Seen The Rain......

As belted out by CCR so many years ago, we too wanna know, "Have you ever seen rain?" Well, if not, here it comes.....

The forecast in the Ohio River Valley at New Richmond/Cincinnati (Ohio) is calling for that wild, spring, river valley weather. Temperatures in the 80's on Wednesday, with lows in the 30's this weekend. With that type of temperature swing also comes the risk for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Listen to your favorite local weather station for real "breaking news" (not the "non-news" scrolling across screens everyday purporting to be "Breaking News") and keep you and your family safe.

The rain is predicted to start Friday and, with the deluge, starts the metamorphosis of the Ohio River. The National Weather Service is predicting the falling Ohio River to rise again! As noted in the graph on the right, the river is expected to be a good 10 ft over the summer pool stage. The river current will be swift, as will be the falling rain.

For kayakers and small boaters, the quick rising of the Ohio River is not necessarily good news, At these levels, the safety of the river is called into question. In addition to the swift current, the water will be rife with driftwood and other debris. ( A topic for another day is the inordinate number of tires, plastic bottles and other unnatural items that find their way into our beautiful waters......Just sad....)

While a danger to boaters, the driftwood, twisting and rolling in the water, is the physical expression of the rivers gift of art. Last year we shared some of the beautiful driftwood creations we found outside homes, restaurants and other locations along the Ohio River. We will be heading out soon and will inevitably find some of the new creations. We will share again. It's a great day when we get to take an hour or two walking the beach and searching out that perfect piece of nature's art. (More to come on this topic soon) Of course, please feel free to show us some of your driftwood creations.....

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