Thursday, May 9, 2013

Clean Up And Drop Down...

Well, we have missed a few days down on the Ohio River, but we're back. While we were out, we were told that a group, Tri-State Kayakers, visited the New Richmond kayak ramp for a volunteer cleanup and evening paddle. We stopped down to the ramp and, wow, what a great job on cleaning up the ramp area---it looks amazing. We hope to be able to share some pictures from the clean up soon. (We often (with permission of course) grab information off of the Facebook and other pages of places like the Green Kayak Market, Village of New Richmond page and others).

While the clean up was great, the "drop down" is coming. It appears that the ever-changing Ohio River is rising back up to 35 feet over the next few days. Just last week the river was down near the 25 foot summer pool level and gorgeous for kayaking. And, with the rising waters, comes the drop down of driftwood and other debris when the river recedes.

The driftwood is pretty cool, but the bottles, tires and other debris is disappointing. Contrary to the belief of so many, the Ohio River has really come back from the tainted days gone past and has cleaned up considerably. With interstate Commissions like ORSANCO and other groups purposed to control pollution, the waters of the Ohio River are a recreational asset that should be valued by the citizens of the six states along its borders. That said, we hope the Tri-State kayakers are coming back soon to help New Richmond on the Ohio to maintain this very cool ramp!!!

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