Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Did You See That Bird..Check It Out At The ORINWR

Sunsets on the Ohio River
Have you ever heard of the Ohio River Island National Wildlife Refuge ("ORINWR")? We just recently learned of this amazing treasure right here along our waters. The ORINWR consists of 22 non-contiguous islands and 5 mainland parcels along an over 350 mile stretch of the Ohio River. Most of the islands are in West Virginia, but a few are upstream in Pennsylvania (Beaver County) and another grouping in Kentucky (Lewis County). Amongst other accomplishments, the establishment of this National Wildlife Refuge brought West Virginia in line with the rest of the United States, as it was the only state in the United States without a National Wildlife Refuge. However, most importantly, the Refuge provides safety for the wildlife that calls this diverse property home. 

The Refuge is replete with wildlife, including migratory birds, river mammals and scores of fish and other aquatic species. The area also has riparian forests. These transitional forests are found along waterways, like the Ohio River. While subject of frequent flooding, the forest protects against shoreline erosion and safeguards the habitat for important aquatic creatures and plants that keep the river healthy.
View from Ohio park into the hills of Kentucky 

Here is a link to the website:

Let's all "get out and play" and check out the Ohio River Island National Wildlife Refuge......  Just another of the many wonders along beautiful Ohio River.....

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