Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day...

Here we are rushing into May 2013 with beautiful weather here on the Ohio River near Cincinnati, Ohio. It's May 1 and a date celebrated by so many around the world. This celebration dates back to Roman times and was known as the Festival of Flora. Flora was the goddess of flowers. This was such a popular holiday that the Festival lasted five days!

As for recent times, most people associate this holiday with dancing around the maypole and crowning a queen. The involvement of the maypole also dates back to early tradition . And, as with so many traditions, the Village folks turned it in to a competition. The Village folks hit the forest to find the tallest tree in an effort to outdo their neighbors. The pole is then erected, decorated and then becomes the centerpiece of dancing and celebration.

May Day is a holiday also met with the giving of May Day baskets. May Day baskets are generally decorated baskets filled with flowers. The baskets are traditionally left anonymously on the doorstep of a friend or neighbor. What a wonderful and fun tradition. What a great way to start your day; a basket of anonymous beautiful flowers. Spring is here and natures artwork, with flowers, tree buds and more, continues to highlight the countryside along the Ohio River!

The May Day maypole is a fun and ancient tradition and, at least one reason we like it, is that it gets people outside to play!! Have a great day!!

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