Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pick Up & Paddle (On The Ohio River).....

PICKUP & PADDLE (at the kayak ramp at New Richmond, OH)

As we have mentioned in the past the Village of New Richmond on Ohio has repurposed an abandoned ferry boat landing into the region's only Kayak-only access ramp. While the plans are big for the ramp, unfortunately, such plans have been delayed to the unavailability of grant funds from the State of Ohio

In light of the lack of funding, we learned that a local group known as Tri-State Kayakers have stepped up to the plate. The group met at the ramp in early May to begin the spring clean-up of the ramp, followed by a great paddle out onto the river. We are told that the group has indicated a willingness to meet once a month to "spruce up" the ramp area. This is true community service. What a great group of people!

 We have located a few photos of the initial early-May "Pick Up & Paddle" on the Tri-State Kayakers site on (thanks for the lead on the photos) and have included a few here on our blog for your viewing pleasure

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