Sunday, December 29, 2013

Concrete Canvases | Articles | Ohio Magazine

The Ohio Scenic Byway, Route 52 in Ohio, is a beautiful road that follows the Ohio River and passes through so many historic little Villages and Towns. One of the interesting attractions in such towns are the Floodwall Murals. While put in place for obvious protective purposes, the floodwalls blocked the beautiful views of the river and stood as "concrete reminders" of past ravages created by the river. To quell the memories, several towns have turned the blank slates of the floodwalls into giant public art. From Point Pleasant (WV) to Covington (KY) to Portsmouth (OH), the walls provide a visible glimpse into the past commemorating the people, events and landmarks of the Ohio River. The "link" provided is a great article outlining the history and locations of such public works of art.  ENJOY!!

Concrete Canvases | Articles | Ohio Magazine

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