Monday, December 9, 2013

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let The River Rise.....

The last few days has seen a whirlwind of winter along the shores of the Ohio River. From Kentucky to Pennsylvania and all in between, mother nature has dumped piles of beautiful snow. Winter is here!

With the snow and rain also comes the rising of the mighty Ohio River. The base level of the river at Cincinnati is approximately 26 feet. The river now stands at well over 40 feet. The National Weather Service has reported that the river has leveled off and will fall again over the next week or so. However, as the river rose, the folks in New Richmond stand nervous that their wondrous "Logness Monster" would escape down river.

For those not familiar with the Logness Monster, this is a beautiful painted "driftwood art" that ventured onto the shoreline of the Ohio River at New Richmond on the Ohio. This piece of nature's art has brought many a smile to the visitors and residents of the Village, as well as served  as a unique "photo op" location.

Despite the rising river, it appears good ole Logness is holding tight. While she may hiding under the raging river, she's still staying home. We will be stopping down to the Village this weekend  to check on the river status and the good ole "Logness Monster." Hope to see you there!!

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  1. What an awesome idea to make this into a sculpture. I hope it stays so I can come to this Village to check it out