Monday, December 2, 2013

Great Weekend in New Richmond on the Ohio.....

We've been missing for awhile, but not back in action. We went down to New Richmond on the Ohio this past holiday weekend. Fun was had by all!!

From GreenKayak Facebook page
On Friday night we stopped by the Green Kayak and it was PACKED. The Old Lodge Stage was packed with musicians playing a wide variety of exciting music. We stayed for hours and the music simply never stopped. What a cool place.....

The Kayak has changed since our last visit. In addition to the holiday decorations, they added an old-school fireplace mantel, cool looking whiskey barrels and the Market side is set up with several vintage harvest farm tables. This place is so unique and flat-out fun!

We ventured down the street for a bit to the Front Street Café and they too had music. The Café was also decorated for the holidays and full of people. The Café and Kayak really compliment each other and offer a bit of variety when visiting the Village.
From Front Street Facebook Page

We heard that the Village is hosting a Christmas festival the weekend of December 13 and 14. The Kayak will have painting lessons on Friday and the Village has a new Community Theater that will be hosting a show. We will let you know what it is once we learn more. We're sure to visit the Village of New Richmond on the Ohio for the holiday festival and hope you do too!

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