Saturday, December 28, 2013

Singing Lawyers on the Ohio River....

We stopped down to New Richmond on the Ohio tonight and what did our wondering eyes did appear, but lawyers with guitars, smiling ear to ear......That's right we saw a band at the Green Kayak Market called "Out on Bond."  We learned that several of the band members are lawyers; how cool is that. We heard (don't know if it's true) that the owners husband is also a lawyer who plays/sings at the Kayak....If true--How cool is that! Gotta love the music available for free in New Richmond.

We also took a moment to check out the status of our favorite giant, painted log (aka "LogNess Monster). Despite the rapid rise of the river, the LogNess Monster remains on the shore of the Ohio River in New Richmond. While we heard reports that he had headed south, the reports were a bit exaggerated. LogNess did move south a few hundred feet and now sits closer to the Green Kayak. Here's a pic we found on the Green Kayak facebook page. If you look real close you can still see the head of the Logness amidst the river debris.

The National Weather Service is reporting that the Ohio River level (at Cincinnati) is falling. However, we have a long winter ahead and, as we posted recently, most of the bigger river events are in the early part of the calendar year.


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